Simple Centrifuge
Clean waste vegetable oil (WVO), bio diesel, lube oils, and even hydraulic oil in your garage
Lab Centrifuge
Just to let you know that the motor and centrifuge bowl arrived today in perfect shape! It is really pretty!  What a work of art!
Larry Louisiana, USA

Here is what our customers are saying about us:

Guy's This is one of the best tools I have ever invested. The turn key unit works great!!! Saves me tons of time , turn it on and walk away. Since time is on my side I just set it a one gallon a hour whether it  is waste motor or or veggie oil .It has also saved me a ton in auto filter changes. Less changes more $$$ in my pocket . Keep up the good work ...Everybody needs one of these in their garage. Thanks for inital phone support. Hope you guy make millions $$$ .
Dwayne - Pennsylvania, USA

Yesterday on friday the centrifuge arives my home. The machine is much better than on the pictures of your homepage. Tommorrow we will start working. Greatings from Austria
Andreas - Austria
Hi, no question, just an update. I bought a bowl and motor from you folks this year. Made a centrifuge using the pressure canner method. I'm running a 1986 VW Jetta on WVO. I have over 5000 miles on WVO and have yet to need a filter change. I'm doing way better than folks I know who are filtering even though some of them have some pretty complex systems set up.
Just wanted to let you know that things are working well.
Thanks for a great product.
Bob - Minnesota, USA
G'Day Randy, Mike,
Just to let you know that my centrifuge is up and running! Man it's good! I can't believe how well it's cleaning and how quiet it is. Congrats on a really good product you guys are producing.
Ben - New South Wales, Australia
On a side note...  I am very happy with your product and recommend it
to all my filtering customers.   I have never had a customer complain
about the quality of the WVO I filter for them and I have put over
5000 miles(and still going) on a single fuel filter using WVO filtered
in your centrifuge... I hear some people only getting 800-1000 miles
using water filters and the like. Thanks again for a great product.
Jason - Missouri, USA

I own both a DieselCraft and your unit. I bought DieselCraft because of it's claim of 2000 G's. Having used both, there's one thing overlooked. It's the time the oil is under pressure. I measured the volume of DieselCraft holds. The turnover time is 2.4 sec max. When I use yours I pump 2 gal/hr. Some may consider it slow, but I fill a 50 gal barrel in 24 hr. Calculating the volume held inside. the trunover time is 250 sec. That's 250 sec under pressure vs 2.4 sec. While you rate yours at 1200 G's  the time factor becomes more important  than G's. And Yours is much easier to clean.
I could never confirm DieselCraft was up speed, Yours it's not a question.
Jerry - Ohio, USA

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